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An Experiment in Self-Loathing

Making the world safe for insanity.

The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
16 June
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Gonzo Journalist Hunter S. Thompson once said, I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me. What better way to describe my life. Somehow, I always seem to make it through even the worst of times. This comes from being a strong person and having awesome friends and family. I am a man of dreams and aspirations. I've always envisioned myself an actor, but I have talents that lie elsewhere as well. I am a writer, usually regaling people with fantastic journal entries when I'm not writing short stories and screenplays. I also have an affinity for photography. I work solely with digital cameras and take a multitude of images, my areas of expertise lying in nature and female modeling photography. I am currently also dabbling in independent filmmaking, working to bring back the old fashioned soft core B film. I am a daddy of a wonderful, bright, intelligent, beautiful son. If it seems like I have alot on my plate, I do...but I really don't mind. I like to keep busy. After all...idle hands are the devils playground! Heh. That was funny. Laugh.

"There is a demon in man that should be exercised, not exorcised" -- Anton Szandor LaVey

It seems everyone has more than one journal these days...and I'm no exception. My writing journal is art_of_man, my sex journal is porn_king and my original journal (my first LJ) is super_dave. Feel free to check them out, add them, comment in them. DO IT!!!

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